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Complete Asset Recovery, Liquidation


International Tracing Specialist

Repossessions are the most invasive action a lender is allowed in America today.


Through the authority of the "hold harmless" (and various court rulings), your repossessor is essentially an employee of your lending institution. WHO the lender "selects" with in this process is (or should be) of paramount importance.


Alabama Auto Adjusters Inc. is one of the oldest, most successful recovery, collection and tracing agencies in the southeast. We guarantee to provide you swift, efficient, intelligent recovery and tracing services. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs in the area of collateral recovery, collection and/or skip tracing.


We are bonded through ARA, NFA and TFA, for $7 million and insured for $3 million

We offer consistent and reasonable fees. We provide upper 75% of the state coverage with three offices to serve you!