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ARA - American Recovery Association

The American Recovery Association (ARA) is an organization of over 275 professional repossession agents in all fifty states and some foreign countries.


ARA is the largest and most respected of all the repossession associations. This is a repossession membership of the finest, most established recovery agents.


When you deal with a member of the American Recovery Association (ARA), you are selecting a repossession company that has met our high standards. Each member company is re-examined on an annual basis to assure compliance with ARA standards.


NFA- National Finance Adjusters

For over fifty years, National Finance Adjusters Inc, (NFA) has joined together the most professional collateral recovery executives into an elite association with a world of experience and professional expertise. To the members of the lending\leasing industry who deal with collateral recovery, National Finance Adjusters is readily recognized as the oldest, most professional association of its type in the world.

National Finance Adjusters contributes to the industry by providing educational seminars and a library of articles concerning different phases of collateral recovery. They have presented in the last 20 years, over 150 educational seminars across the country and Puerto Rico. Thousands of industry people have attended and participated in the seminars and workshops. The free educational material includes the book COLLATERAL RECOVERY plus 13 other booklets or informational sheets.


NFA is a member of and contributor to the UNITED RECOVERY ALLIANCE (URA). This is a coalition of the three major professional recovery organizations ARA, NFA, and TFA, united in the goal of educating and elevating professionalism in the industry.


The Association contributes to its membersí professional and financial growth by offering a wide range of member services and opportunities. Attending an NFA annual convention provides an opportunity to meet and share experiences with the most successful experts in the collateral recovery and liquidation field. Often the latest tools, computer programs, skip tracing sources, tow trucks, GPS systems, etc. will be displayed with instructions on problem solving. The seminars and client functions provide a perfect place for clients and members to meet in a relaxed atmosphere. NFA is a member owned association. The annual convention gives each member the opportunity to help elect the President and other officers. The convention and seminars are rich sources of new information, continuing education and valuable contacts.


Today is a time of accelerated change, added complexities and increased competition. The ability of an individual operator without a support group to compete will be very limited. People assigning accounts are becoming better educated and willing to learn. National Finance Adjusters, Inc. is the single most effective and creditable source of information to both the professional recovery specialist and the future-minded installment loan collector.


TFA- Time Finance Adjusters

The official trade organization for hundreds of certified, bonded repossession agencies across the United States. Make sure you use a TFA professional to handle your repossessions. Have instant Access to the Nation's Top Professional Repo Agents.


Make no mistake. Your banking institution is held accountable for the actions of any repo agent doing business on your behalf. Millions of dollars in judgments have been made against lenders for the wrongful acts of unprofessional repossessors. The courts have been clear by saying:


"The secured party is responsible for the actions of others taken on the secured party's behalf, including independent contractors engaged by the secured party to take possession of collateral."


Instant Access to the Nation's Top Professional Repo Agents


• TFA members conduct their affairs in the most dignified

and professional manner possible


• TFA recovery agents maintain the highest standards in the industry


• Every one of our members is GLBA compliant


TFA provides the training, marketing, and communication that strengthens the entire recovery agent process.

You may also want to look into ordering your free copy of the Official TFA Guide. It's a beautiful hardcopy book filled with valuable resources on state regulations as well as a complete directory of TFA repo agents that you can use all year long.


The National Federation of Independent Business

They are the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses. A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1943, NFIB represents the consensus views of its members in Washington and all 50 state capitals.


NFIB's mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses. NFIB also gives its members a power in the marketplace. By pooling the purchasing power of its members, the National Federation of Independent Business gives members access to many business products and services at discounted costs. NFIB also provides timely information designed to help small businesses succeed.



SLB - Salt Lake Bureau

The Salt Lake Bureau serves the repossession and collateral collection industry by its members reporting invoice disputes.

If a repossession company has a grievance against a lienholder regarding a particular invoice, that repossession company may fill out a grievance report online, and that company will then be listed in the 'Salt Lake Bureau Grievance Lienholder List' . The number of reports relating to that company are shown along with the lienholder name. Once a repossession or collateral collection company becomes a member of The Salt Lake Bureau, that company may post reports, as well as view reports on 'any' of the lienholders shown on the listing. The person viewing these reports can then draw their own conclusions based upon the comments as presented.


With each posting, a courtesy letter is sent via the United States Postal Service to the lienholder against which the grievance has been posted, informing them that they have had a report filed with the Salt Lake Bureau. As a result, the lienholder has an opportunity to attempt to resolve the matter, thereby avoiding any repercussions by the other members of the Salt Lake Bureau, should they wish to do so. One such repercussion could be to be placed on a C.O.D. status with all members of the Bureau and/or have collateral held for monies owed and released only upon receipt of those monies. The Salt Lake Bureau brings this matter to the attention of the lienholder as a matter of business courtesy, and because of the importance of the matter, makes them aware that it may impact their future relationship with the Repossession industry. All questions beyond that point must be directed to the member responsible for the posting. The Salt Lake Bureau does not collect, nor mediate. We process information as received only.

The purpose of The Salt Lake Bureau is to report and organize in a user friendly online format, information regarding issues with outstanding, overdue and/or disputed lienholder invoices. ALL comments presented in this website are the responsiblity of the repossession or collateral collection agency authoring those reports and are bound by the Salt Lake Bureau Disclaimer and Condition for Interactive Services found within. The Salt Lake Bureau does not edit, add, or delete 'any' commentary but rather presents all comments as received for the reader to draw their own conclusions.


Membership is by company, and to qualify for membership, you must be a licensed repossession or collateral collection agency in the state within which you conduct business. There is a nominal posting fee for each report filed. Details of the fees can be found on the "Join The Salt Lake Bureau" page of this website. Information is restricted to Members Only.



The National Association of Fraud Investigators was established to improve communications and to expand the networking of those in investigation and related fields which include but is not limited to Law Enforcement, insurance investigators, professional investigators, security specialists, bond enforcement agents, attorneys, forensic examiners, tracers/locators, credit card investigators, auto theft investigators, international counterparts.


Enforcement Officers, Attorneys, Bankers, Insurance Agencies, Tracers and a host of businesses including retail outlets must rely on an exchange of information and point of reference to either exchange information or seek aid.


We have on staff attorneys and a board of directors, including a former US attorney, former Federal Agents, publishers, speakers, forensic examiners and other specialist. All ready to assist members with problems or answer questions.


Recognizing that information and networking is the basis for success - NAFI offers that opportunity to be listed with this very broad spectrum, and we offer maximum access and education in this most crucial field.